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Past Achievements

  • Contributed to significant increase in Mobile Broadband sales though email marketing campaign.

  • Increased hotel sector bulk sales of a well-known Irish fashion magazine over 100% in 6 month period.

  • Increased subscriptions to a cookbook magazine via email marketing campaigns.

  • Innovated the use of CPM campaigns within an events company as a B2B lead generation tool which contributed to an overall increase in award entries.

  • Increased on-the-day event engagement and social media presence through the implementation of Instagram & Twitter competition campaigns (e.g. Twitter reach up 104% on previous year).

  • Improved website SEO through development of blog section and revamping product section.

  • Developed a new ezine as part of a retention programme for a telecom company's SME customers.

  • Modernised internal communications in a small business through development of staff e-newsletter.

  • Contributed to increase in pre-Christmas mobile phone plan affinity sales through SMS marketing campaign.

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